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Kalyan Konar, PRESIDENT

Kalyan is a Software Engineer by profession, a member of Sanskriti since 2018, and has actively contributed to the organization. His roles on the Sanskriti executive committee in 2020 and 2021, as well as his involvement in IAB (Membership Secretary and BOD) and being a founding member of BKPS, demonstrate a deep commitment to community and organizational activities. He resides in Amherst with his wife Poulomi and two daughters, Anaya and Aaradhya.

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Sourav Biswas, TREASURER

Sourav is a Chemistry Professor by profession with experience managing the budget and logistics of an independent research group. He has been a member of Sanskriti since 2018.Additionally, Sourav has organized events such as science Olympiads, STEM fairs, and university open houses. This indicates a strong background in both academic research and outreach activities. He resides with his wife Kankana in Greater Buffalo area.


Ashis is a Ph.D. student in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the University at Buffalo. He has been an active Sanskriti member since 2019. Being involved with multiple cultural and community organizations, he has a strong commitment to cultural and social activities, alongside pursuing his academic goals as a Ph.D. candidate. He lives with his wife Suborna & two sons Snehashis & Shreyoshis in Amherst.

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Ananya Banik,

Ananya is engaged in a family business, has been a member of Sanskriti since 2023, and is actively involved in volunteer work. Specifically, Ananaya is an active volunteer in the Houston Durga Bari Society and serves as a cultural committee member in Northeast Community College, Nebraska.She resides in Amherst with her husband Sanjoy , son Arnob and daughter Esha.

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Rumki Sarkar,

Rumki is a homemaker and dance instructor, and she has been a Sanskriti member in both 2021 and 2022. Her experience includes being actively involved in training community kids in cultural programs. Additionally, Rumki has volunteered in the Bengali organization 'Kaberi' in Minnesota. She resides in Amherst with husband Gautam, on Nirnoy and daughter Anjari.

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Urmi Poddar,

Urmi is an Assistant Teacher and has a notable background in community service and cultural activities. Specifically, she is the founder of the nonprofit women organization 'Saptarshi' and has been involved in dancing competitions such as Nutun Kuri, Children's Day, and National Education Day.She resides in Buffalo with her husband Komal , son Anup and daughter Arpita.

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Anwita Roy,

Anwita is a graduate student and became a Sanskriti member in 2024. She has a strong passion for music, particularly Ravindra Sangeet, and has showcased her musical talents by performing in various music festivals during her school and college years. Additionally, She resides in Buffalo.

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Amrita Lahiri,

Amrita, is a Software Developer and has been a Sanskriti member since 2021. She is an active member in Sanskriti and has participated in various cultural programs, indicating a keen interest and involvement in the cultural community. She resides in Clarence with husband Bikram and daughter Saanvi.